Criteria for Assessing Student Performance While on Externship

Students must demonstrate passing scores in all courses, including practical written exams and hands-on lab exams, prior to being assigned an externship.

During the externship course, each student will be evaluated in the areas of professional performance and appearance, attendance, and practical skills. To complete the externship successfully, a student must satisfactorily perform each procedure outlined in the training plan and demonstrate satisfactory work habits.

If, when evaluated, the extern is unable to perform certain procedures properly, the student will be required to return to campus for additional training in the unsatisfactory areas. During the externship course, the student may be required to return to campus for weekly scheduled meetings to provide continued interaction with the Extern Coordinator. If the student’s work habits are unsatisfactory on the first evaluation, the coordinator will confer with the student at that time. If work habits are still unsatisfactory at the end of the externship period, the student may be required to serve an additional externship. A student may repeat the externship only once. If failure of the externship occurs twice, the student will be withdrawn from the program.

The externship evaluation scale is as follows:

3 Student knows the underlying principles and carries out procedures skillfully and accurately.
2 Student performs procedures with a fair degree of accuracy.
1 Student performs most procedures but requires guidance and supervision.
0 Student is unable to perform procedures even with guidance and supervision.
X Procedure was not observed or performed.