Effective: 09/13/2022

Students are required to repeat any failed course. With the exception of courses with the designation “CPSO,” students will be allowed to repeat a failed course once (see the “Official Letter Grading Scale”). CPSO courses may be attempted a total of three times. Both the grade(s) for the failed course(s) and the repeated course(s) will appear on the transcript, but only the most recent grade will be used in calculating CGPA. However, the original course(s) and all repeated course credit hours are included in the maximum time frame and rate of progress calculations.

Students who fail the same CPSO course three times will be dismissed from the program. Students who fail the same non-CPSO academic course twice will be dismissed from the program.

In addition, students may only attempt a course three times.  An attempt is defined as any grade earned for a course with the exception of W7 or 7DC. A student who does not successfully pass a course on the third attempt will be dismissed from the program.

Students dismissed from a program are not eligible for readmission into the same program.

Students may incur a per credit hour fee for repeating a class(es). Students must remain active in order to be eligible for any retake fee. If a student withdraws from school, he/she will be charged the full per credit hour cost to retake a course. Please see a Financial Aid Representative to discuss your situation.